Accelerating Science-based Ventures

DE Incubation Fund

The DE Incubation Fund supports idea-stage projects at TU Delft with potential commercial prospects. The Fund makes a number of awards each year to support novel ideas that if successful, will lead to new spin-off companies.

Delft Enterprises and Teggwings, which administer the Fund, are interested in innovative projects that could lead to new products or services that will have a positive impact on society, including:

  • Demonstrating the feasibility of an idea or innovation for a commercial venture
  • Developing a working software or device prototype
  • Obtaining supporting evidence or proof-of-concept for new ideas
  • Developing new applications or markets for a technology under development

Investment decision criteria
Applications are welcome from all fields of inquiry and will be judged based on 8 (Pre-)Seed investment decision criteria. The amount that can be applied for is EUR 50,000. Funds may be spent within Delft Enterprises (which will handle the administration of projects pre-incorporation of a spin-off) or within a spin-off company formed to commercialise the innovation.

Applications will only be judged if the following conditions are met:

  • The technology must originate from research at TU Delft.
  • If a company has been established to commercialise the idea, the company may not be older than 6 months on the date of application.
  • Consultancy ideas are not eligible for awards from the Fund.
  • TU Delft employees involved in the project must have prior written approval of their Faculty.

The invested amount will result in a share in the (future) spin-off of 5%, which will be held by Delft Enterprises. Awards will be contingent on the applicant entering into the standard shareholders agreement based on the Capital Waters ( model document. Any proceeds from a sale of the shares will be returned to the Fund to be used to finance future awards.

Are you interested in exploring the commercial feasibility of your technology/invention. Before you have to write a full proposal, we would like to get to know you, your team and your technology a bit better to see how we can help you best.

Please complete the form(s) and one of our Investment Managers will be in touch within 2 weeks.

Note that there are two steps in the application process. Start your application by completing step 1. If we consider your application eligible, continue your application by completing step 2.

About Teggwings
In 1999 the IDEA League was founded, a strategic alliance between European top-tier technical universities. TU Delft in the Netherlands, RWTH Aachen in Germany, ETH Zürich in Switzerland and Politecnico di Milano in Italy have now come together to develop Teggwings, a pan-European Deep Tech Venture Capital fund.

Teggwings aims to accelerate the development of the most promising deep tech inventions to commercial ventures. The fund will invest even before company inception, all the way through to Series C.