Accelerating Science-based Ventures

Application DE Incubation Fund – step 1

DE Incubation Fund application form - step 1

  • F.e. “The gearboxes of wind turbines can be significantly damaged by the gusts of wind putting a temporary strain on the hardware. This leads to a fivefold increase of maintenance costs of the turbines compared to steady winds.”
  • F.e. “We have developed software that adapts the blade rotation angle to the predicted wind patterns. These patterns are based on the micro predictions through the InterMet system.”
  • F.e. “The software was developed in our research group at the Faculty of 3mE. The research was EU funded (project WiMaSys, short for Wind Management Systems, EU project 12345X in Cordis).”
  • F.e. “We have an agreement on the data around the meteorological patterns from KNMI. The software we have developed is closed source with access by the EU project partners only. We are not aware of the options of patents at this stage.”