Efficient and affordable electricity storage

The battolyser is the first integrated battery electrolysis system, which can store and supply electricity very efficiently as a battery. When the battery is full, it automatically starts splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen using electrolysis. By combining battery technology with electrolysis, the battolyser achieves an outstanding overall efficiency of up to 90%.

Proton Ventures and the Delft University of Technology have combined forces to further research and develop the battolyser technology.

Company Profile
Incorporation January 2018
Participation since January 2018
Team TU Delft
Proton Ventures
Linked faculty Materials for Energy Conversion & Storage at faculty of Applied Sciences
Employees 5


Company history and milestones
Juni 2018 With the granted funding of the ‘Waddenfonds’, the startup can realise her first battolyser in Eemshaven.
April 2019 First battolyser operational in Eemshaven @ NUON