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Delft Enterprises participates in innovative, early stage and technology-based spin off companies of Delft University of Technology. We aim to empower and speed up the development of these startups, as part of the ambition of the university to turn scientific knowledge into economic and social value. We achieve this through investment, advice and a broad network of investors and experts.

Breakthrough innovation
We translate technical knowledge into economic and social value, with a focus on deep tech: radical innovations that can solve major societal challenges. By commercialising science, we contribute to the mission of TU Delft: creating impact for a better society.

We support entrepreneurial employees to turn a great idea into a successful company. From invention to patent and from strategy to startup: Delft Enterprises is the starting point for entrepreneurial employees of TU Delft.

We provide financing and build a network of investors and partners. To offer promising technology the chance it deserves, the TU Delft also participates in several funds and offers the possibility to apply for early stage funding instruments.

We use the transparent deal term principles for the transfer of intellectual property to university spin-offs. The deal terms aim to speed up the negotiation process between universities and young companies, increasing the chances of growth and success.


Our companies

Delft Enterprises invests in start-ups in the field of Energy & Resources, Health, High Tech Systems and Software.

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Successful start-ups that were acquired by relevant market parties.

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Fund investments

Delft Enterprises is involved in various venture capital funds for start-ups.

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We are here to help you turn a great idea into a successful company. Get to know the people behind Delft Enterprises, learn about what they do and get in touch.


Delft Enterprises, in cooperation with TU Delft, offers funding for entrepreneurial employees and TU Delft students in the development stage of their products or processes. We present three funding instruments to support these forthcoming entrepreneurs.