“AI to provide a bird’s-eye view of high value assets” applies AI for visual inspections to generate a bird’s-eye view that is part of the solution to many of today’s problems. utilises the maximum value of (renewable) high value assets like solar and wind farms. They provide their customers with the necessary bird’s-eye view and detailed deep learning insights to be able to successfully increase utilization and fault-tolerance, minimize downtime and outage, and make the best actions on current and future operations of the asset.

In order to create the bird’s-eye view of for example a wind turbine, partners with drone operators to collect photos of the whole wind turbine. Once these photos are uploaded into the View platform, the team gets to work. They use Artificial Intelligence, to create Artificial Inspectors, that automatically find any damages in all of these photos, and predict how a damage might evolve over time. All this information is collected and visualized in the View platform, where the customer gets an overview of all of his wind turbines. The customer can review the state of his wind farm, individual wind turbines, or even individual blades. Best of all, he can compare the current state to the past and get a glimpse of how damages might evolve in the future. With this information, the customer decides to take action now, instead of responding when it is too late. reduces the maintenance risk by:

> Repairing damages in time. The bigger the damage the higher the maintenance costs.

> Reduction of unplanned maintenance. Planning maintenance allows the asset manager to choose the optimal time frame for repair.

> Increased the wind turbine availability. The wind turbine can generate electricity more often.

Other examples where the view is part of the solution are inspections of other large assets (e.g. bridges, power lines and sea vessels), farms, wildfires or nature reserves.

Company Profile
Incorporation March 2016
Participation since June 2017
Team Camiel R. Verschoor
Anouk Visser
Kitso Epema
Employees 5


Company history and milestones
March 2016 is incorporated
September 2017 Signed long term partnership with Wien Energy for wind and solar farm inspections.