Behavioral AI technology

Our vision

Human domain expert choices can be automated on a large scale with the development of trustworthy AI. Therefore we develop AI that is transparent, aligned with human values and doesn’t require data

Our story

Professor Caspar Chorus from the TU Delft has developed Behavioral Artificial Intelligence Technology (BAIT) that makes trustworthy decisions because it is explainable and aligned with how domain experts make decisions. Together with entrepreneurs Nicolaas Heyning and Hubert Linssen the company Councyl is founded to offer BAIT at large scale.

Our product

To this aim, we use choice analysis-techniques rooted in Econometrics and Behavioral sciences. We create a formal, mathematical and empirically validated representation of the way your domain experts weigh various factors (criteria) when making decisions.


Company profile
Incorporation March 2020
Participation since March 2020
Founders Nicolaas Heyning, Caspar Chorus and Hubert Linssen
Employees 4
Linked faculty TPM


Company history and milestones
March 2020 Incorporation of Councyl
June 2020 Awarded Take Off 1 grant