Delft IMP

‘Intensified Materials Production’

Delft IMP offers consultancy, research & development services and licensing of IP on scalable production of nanostructured materials using atomic layer deposition.

Delft IMP (Intensified Materials Production) commercializes nanostructuring of particles using atomic and molecular layer deposition (ALD and MLD), based on the patented and publicized IP and know-how developed within the Product & Process Engineering (PPE)group at Delft University of Technology. Following various feasibility projects between industry and university, Delft IMP was initiated end 2014 to truly commercialize the technology.

Company Profile
Incorporation December 2014
Participation since December 2014
Team Bart van Limpt
Aris Goulas
Faculty Faculty of Applied Sciences
Research Group Product & Process Engineering (PPE)
Employees 0