Indoor insect control with small drones

Reinventing Insect Control for Horticulture

Insect pests continuously threatens the yield and turnover in greenhouse farming. (Bio)chemical control products have often only limited effects. More importantly, farmers would be happy to reduce the use of pesticides, as regulations are tightening and the market asks for sustainable solutions. We enable greenhouse farmers to significantly reduce flying insect pest populations, while circumventing the limits that (bio)chemical alternatives have. The PATS autonomous insect control solution, based on micro drones, can be deployed within existing greenhouse infrastructure. It reduces costs of labour and (bio)pesticides, involved in the crop protection process, while simultaneously reducing losses due to infected plants.

PATS Solution

The PATS solution autonomously takes care of crop protection, without any human intervention. The platform exists of a base station and a micro drone that together monitor and eliminates flying insect populations. This prevents the insects from reproducing and their larvae affecting your crops. Contrary to existing solutions PATS offers mechanical elimination: a clean approach more effective than alternatives.


Company Profile
Incorporation March 2018
Participation since March 2018
Team Bram Tijmons
Sjoerd Tijmons
Kevin van Hecke
Employees 3
Linked faculty Aerospace Engineering


Company history and milestones
December 2016 Patent filed
Mid 2017 First validation with farmer
November 2017 First test system installed
December 2017 Received  Take-off feasibility grant
January 2018 Admission to Climate-KIC accelerator progam
March 2018 Incorporation