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Dick Plettenburg Fund

Dick Plettenburg Fund

Are you an ambitious researcher or a dedicated student with a passion for science, technology, and entrepreneurship? Do you have an idea to improve the lives of individuals with physical or cognitive disabilities?

Named after Dr. Ir. Dick Plettenburg, a Biomechanical engineer from the Department of Biomechanical Engineering at the 3mE faculty, TU Delft, the Dick Plettenburg Fund honors his exceptional contributions to the scientific community. Driven by his clear vision that technological development for body-related aids, particularly arm prostheses, should occur in co-creation with patients and their practitioners, he also served as the director of the Delft Institute of Prosthetics and Orthotics.

The primary goal of the Dick Plettenburg Fund is to support and accelerate the transition from research to the patient,  particularly through a EUR 25k grant for (pre-)start-ups. The focus is in the field of treatment and support for individuals with physical or cognitive disabilities. By providing financial assistance and guidance, the Fund aims to empower talented and passionate researchers and students to pursue your research and innovation endeavors.

Whether you are an undergraduate, graduate, doctoral student, or even a postdoctoral researcher, the Dick Plettenburg Fund encourages all enthusiastic and driven minds to submit their research proposals.


The Dick Plettenburg grant can be granted to natural persons or startups that meet the following conditions:

  • A clear link with TU Delft can be demonstrated
  • No subsidies, investments or income on the project in question in excess of 50k euros have been raised
  • A clinical advisor and/or healthcare institution is involved in the implementation of the project


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