Accelerating Science-based Ventures

Application Form

TechScout Venture Fund - Application Form

  • What is the problem?
  • What is the solution? How does it scale? Are there any planned or ongoing pilot projects with external parties or beta customers?
  • Does your solution originate from research of the TU Delft? If so, please explain and also specify if the research was funded by EU subsidy.
  • What are the names, backgrounds and skillsets of the current team members? What competencies and skills would complement your team?
  • What are the current solutions to the described problem? Who is active in the field?
  • When would you estimate your product to reach the market? What do you base that estimate on? How would you price your product and how many could you sell it to? How does that compare to other solutions to the same problem?
  • Can the described solution be (partly) protected (patent, trade secret, etc.)? Do you have exclusive access to the intellectual property?
  • What does your funding plan look like? Which are your milestones and how much money and time is required to reach them? (Note: for hiring people, a maximum of EUR 3.000 per month applies (on fulltime basis and in the form of a management fee).
  • What are the next steps after the project funding (technology development, business development, team etc.)?

Monitoring and reporting

  • Depending on the duration of the project there will be a number of evaluation moments
  • The project will be finalised by writing an end report
  • If it is already clear during the project that a company is not feasible, the project will be stopped, the end report written and the remaining funds will be returned to the Fund