Accelerating Science-based Ventures



UNIIQ invests risk capital in West Holland-based academic spin-offs, startups and existing SMEs with disruptive innovations, thereby improving access to growth capital. As a collaboration between Erasmus MC, TU Delft, Leiden University and InnovationQuarter, UNIIQ is able to assume the early-stage risk and actively support promising businesses in realising their ambitions.

What UNIIQ offers entrepreneurs:

  • Funding of up to € 300,000 in the proof-of-concept phase;
  • Milestone based funding;
  • Investment instrument is a convertible loan which
    • is redeemed over a three-year period; or
    • can be converted on the valuation of a follow-up investor, minus 25%;
  • An interest rate of 8% (4% payable and 4% accrued);
  • Support with financial and strategic issues from a team of experienced investment managers;
  • Access to a network of investors and financiers who can provide capital for the company’s further development.

What UNIIQ asks of entrepreneurs:

  • The capital should be used by the company for the technical and market validation of a technological innovation;
  • Financing is provided for a period of at least 12 months during which a realistic validation result can be achieved, making it possible to attract follow-up funding (or cash-flow positive growth);
  • The innovation must offer unique competitive advantages that form the foundation for sustainable growth opportunities;
  • A strong and ambitious team;
  • The company must hold the relevant intellectual property rights on the basis of ownership or an exclusive licence;
  • The company must be located in West Holland;
  • UNIIQ invests in independent companies where the initiators themselves take the entrepreneurial risks: there is no project-based financing. UNIIQ can, however, invest in making spin-off innovations independent of existing companies;
  • Impact investments are made with the intention to generate positive, measurable , social and environmental outcomes alongside financial return;
  • TRL phase 3-5;
  • The applicant must meet the EU criteria for SMEs.

Visit the UNIIQ website for more information, or contact Martine Nieuwenhuizen, Investment Manager of Delft Enterprises.