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Business Developer

Justin Kok

Justin Kok (1983) started working for TU Delft as Intellectual Property Manager in 2016 and joined the Delft Enterprises team in 2021. In his role as Business Developer he focuses on identifying potential spin-out technologies and developing embryo stage spin-outs by assisting in the creation of a technology roadmap and congruent funding opportunities, and team building.

He has previously worked in a management position at CLEA Technologies, a biotech spinoff of TU Delft. Here he has gained valuable experience in both product,- and business development within high-tech startups. Justin has a strong background in biotechnology, bioinformatics and chemical engineering.

Justin is also Editor-in-Chief for Elsevier’s Invention Disclosure: An open access journal that provides an outlet for inventors, researchers, and technology transfer professionals to easily share and advertise inventions.