Turning Breakthrough Science into Business

Yvonne Greeuw

Yvonne Greeuw (1993) joined Delft Enterprises in 2021 as Investment Manager and Innovation Scout with a special focus on Medical Technology and Sustainability. After obtaining her master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering at the TU Delft, Yvonne founded the startup NearOnes, a mobile platform where people get help with any everyday task. At Delft Enterprises, she … Read more

Camiel Verschoor

Camiel is Investment Manager at Delft Enterprises and the Founder and CEO of Birds.ai. He has over five years of experience as an entrepreneur and secured for Birds.ai over 1 million Euro in revenues and funding. Camiel is passionate about bridging technology and society to tackle the global challenges of humanity. At Birds.ai he is … Read more

Ludolf Stavenga

Ludolf Stavenga (1969) works as Investment Manager at Delft Enterprises.  Ludolf has more than 25 years of experience with startups and technology. Ludolf Stavenga has broad and deep experience in the field of Venture Capital & Strategy. Ludolf has worked as manager in several corporate venturing roles at large corporates as VNU, Sanoma and ANWB. … Read more

Ronald Gelderblom

Ronald Gelderblom (1976) works as Investment Director at Delft Enterprises. After obtaining his masters degree in Economics at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Ronald worked in various financial roles at international trading firm B&S Group. In 2009 Ronald joined Delft Enterprises where he was involved with dozens of spin-outs over the years, several of which … Read more