Accelerating Science-based Ventures

Martien Kuunders

Martien Kuunders (1965) works as Investment Manager at Delft Enterprises.  Martien has 30 years of experience with technology companies, venture capital and startups. Martien has master and post-master design (PDEng) degrees in Computer Science from the Eindhoven University of Technology. He has worked in telecommunications and internet startups, followed by 20 years as an investment … Read more

Martine Anspach

Martine Anspach (1970) is management assistant at Delft Enterprises. Having worked as an executive secretary and marketing & sales assistant for several ICT companies, Martine joined Delft University of Technology in 2001. She has been assisting the Delft Enterprises director and investment team from the very start. Martine enjoys being actively involved at the university’s … Read more

Yvonne Greeuw

Yvonne Greeuw (1993) joined Delft Enterprises in 2021 as Investment Manager and Innovation Scout with a special focus on Medical Technology and Sustainability. After obtaining her master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering at the TU Delft, Yvonne founded the startup NearOnes, a mobile platform where people get help with any everyday task. At Delft Enterprises, she … Read more

Justin Kok

Justin Kok (1983) started working for TU Delft as Intellectual Property Manager in 2016 and joined the Delft Enterprises team in 2021. In his role as Innovation Scout he focuses on identifying potential spin-out technologies and developing embryo stage spin-outs by assisting in the creation of a technology roadmap and congruent funding opportunities, and team … Read more

Mark de Kruijff

Mark de Kruijff (1994) works as an Innovation Scout & Business Developer at Delft Enterprises. After obtaining his MSc in Applied Physics (specialization Quantum Nanoscience) at the TU Delft, Mark joined Delft Enterprises in 2019 to develop new business ideas and bringing these alive in collaboration with TU Delft researchers. In line with his quantum … Read more

Ludolf Stavenga

Ludolf Stavenga (1969) works as Investment Manager at Delft Enterprises.  Ludolf has more than 25 years of experience with startups and technology. Ludolf Stavenga has broad and deep experience in the field of Venture Capital & Strategy. Ludolf has worked as manager in several corporate venturing roles at large corporates as VNU, Sanoma and ANWB. … Read more

Judith Smit

Judith Smit (1986) is the legal counsel of Delft Enterprises. Her focus is on legal – mainly IP, corporate and contract – matters. Judith obtained her Master’s degree in Dutch Criminal Law and Dutch Civil Law with a particular focus on intellectual property (IP) law at Utrecht University in 2010. Judith started her career as … Read more

Joost Mathot

Joost Mathot (1986) works as Investment Manager at Delft Enterprises. Joost started working at Delft Enterprises in 2016, after obtaining his master’s degree in business administration at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam specializing in entrepreneurship and new business venturing,. Joost is passionate about dealmaking and helping spin-offs in their fundraising efforts. Next to being the … Read more

Mathijs Heutinck

After having supported software-related spin-offs at the TU Delft as an investment manager at Delft Enterprises for five years, Mathijs Heutinck (1990) now coordinates the university’s TechScout program that builds entrepreneurial teams around TU Delft technologies. Besides his activities as a program manager, he leads portfolio monitoring software company Venturelytic. Mathijs has previously been involved … Read more

Martine Nieuwenhuizen

Martine Nieuwenhuizen (1983) works as Investment Manager at Delft Enterprises. After obtaining her masters degree in Notary Law at the Utrecht University and Tax Law at University of Amsterdam, Martine worked at PwC as tax lawyer and at PwC’s Academy.   In 2015 Martine joined Delft Enterprises and she is responsible for spin-off’s from idea phase … Read more

Ronald Gelderblom

Ronald Gelderblom (1976) works as Investment Director at Delft Enterprises. After obtaining his masters degree in Economics at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Ronald worked in various financial roles at international trading firm B&S Group. In 2009 Ronald joined Delft Enterprises where he was involved with dozens of spin-outs over the years, several of which … Read more

Paul Althuis

Paul Althuis is responsible for technology transfer and business creation within the TU Delft, and as such director of the Innovation & Impact Centre and two holdings of the TU Delft: Delft Enterprises and TU Delft Services. He is actively involved in the different innovative ecosystems of TU Delft, i.e. Green Village, YES!Delft, RoboValley, Medical Delta. … Read more